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Walter Mehrer


New Release

God or Space?

Modern times offer a sense of order and security like

never before in our lives, or at least that's what it seems

Nowadays, most of our needs are secured, but is that

leading to a joyful life? People support the idea that it is

mainly through knowledge and certainty of outcome that

they are able to find happiness. This philosophy is

generally accepted across cultures because humans are

taught from a young age that truth is also found through

knowledge. In this work, Walter Mehrer questions such

version of truth and encourages the readers to return to

basics by pushing through the common barriers of our

understanding of space, time, and language...

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About Walter Mehrer

Born in 1987, Walter Mehrer is an economist and entrepreneur. A graduate from the University of Miami with special interest in the arts and philosophy. When it comes to the superficial issues of day by day living, he approaches matters as an economist and businessman. When it comes to human relationships and

co-existence, he examines these phenomena as a philosopher whose passion is in the essence of life.

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