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Walter Mehrer's Biography

Born in 1987, Walter Mehrer is an economist and entrepreneur. A graduate from the University of Miami with special interest in the arts and philosophy. When it comes to the superficial issues of day by day living, he approaches matters as an economist and businessman. When it comes to human relationships and co-existence, he examines these phenomena as a philosopher whose passion is in the essence of life.


As an economist, he is constantly studying how decisions affect the aspects inherent to the scarcity of resources and the optimization of their use. Yet, as he states, it is much more important to understand the mechanisms that lead societies, families and individuals to make such decisions. The idea that societies shape the individuals who make them up is correct only within a sociological framework. However, at the base of the conglomerate lie psychological factors that are not cultivated at a macro level in societies but initially in a day-to-day coexistence. Imbedded the education we receive in our homes rest the dreams and the hopes of each one of us. It is the sum of all the individuals what make society, not the other way around. As an entrepreneur and businessman, he has decided to dedicate a significant amount of time and resources to understand how we can establish a different conditioning framework, which could make the ecosystem that constitutes a society (i.e.: a company, a government, a family, etc.) more prosperous.


As a human being and a father, he also emphasizes the importance of education at all levels at all ages. He doesn’t put a stress in the construction of specialized knowledge, the kind taught in schools and universities, but the kind that bears a seal of curiosity imprinted by the values ​​and principles at the base of each individual's consciousness. Apart from generalized knowledge there is life’s education – if we wish to classify it that way. He talks about the art of being human, an abstract concept, which we can’t stop observing and studying. Lack of knowledge is what generates uncertainty in humans; therefore, to procure happiness, man has to cultivate knowledge. However, Walter M. proposes that we pour our attention towards the matter of the human condition, which doesn’t necessarily bear a holistic relationship to knowledge, and he encourages us to see if there’s anything we can do about it to make an impact in the world.


Life today is filled with a series of complexities unprecedented in human history. Over the centuries we have gone through very hard times, diseases, wars, economic crises and all kinds of hardships, but never before has so much happened at the same time and in such an interconnected way. In a world where we rarely sit in awe before a plate full of food, where the good listening is ignored because our cell phone is given more importance than the person in front of us, where we rarely look up to the sky and observe the immensity of the cosmos, the greatness of the ocean or our mountains, in an increasingly globalized world where technology allows information to travel at the speed of light and the bulk of resources are managed by entities who never die (i.e.: companies and legal organizations), the concept of the finiteness of life goes unnoticed and it seems that we’re only willing to address it as our electronic gadgets run out of their batteries. 


Walter M. invites us to investigate what it means to be in this universe, and whether there’s anything we can do to change our ways of living. He has written about a wide array of subjects, being his most recent work the book “GOD OR SPACE? What Difference Does It Make?”. This book is an inner journey dedicated to the exploration of a different framework of thought and reality for the sake of changing our most basic condition, which is time and the many ideological shapes it adopts. Additionally, with the conviction that getting closer to God and Truth is the most fundamental aspect in the understanding human existence, he established the “GLAST Foundation”, a non-profit organization dedicated to the support of the study, research and development of projects in several areas, with emphasis in philosophical subjects about: Art, Space, and Time. The Foundation also seeks to provide funding and the involvement in social projects.


This website is dedicated to my wife and children, my family and friends, and to all of those who wish to share their vision of the world and what is like for them to live the life of a contemporary human being. 

-Walter Mehrer 

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